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BOSE & XBRANDMAKER was started in 2018. The company was established with the motto of taking the Branding-ism to the next level by giving life to our clients by helping them establish. With baby steps into the business, we have propelled with massive success in the field of branding with our unique style of handling clients.

Clients love us because, we believe in providing customized methods of service and we provided a 360-degree support system for events such as Branding, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Advertising and more. You name it, and we are in it.

Moreover, our strategy in approaching the audience all these years has been tailor-made to suit the industry’s best interest. As foretold, our young and coolest team doesn’t believe in average, but we simply believe in being awesome!

Our company culture is a free-living hippie, who wants to change the world. We have a lot in stock for the future, and our plans just get bigger and better.


The entire team of Bose & xBrandMaker is young and vibrant. The clients get the best out of our service from the coolest teammates. Our educational background which also revolves in media relation, journalism, and mass communication, helps in better understanding of client's needs. The experienced team understands the market situation really well and work with the clients accordingly. This helps them in providing 360-degree services to their clients.


The Bose & xBrandMaker team has worked and staged huge hit-shows in various sectors. Some of them are

  • Corporate Branding

  • Retail Branding

  • Product Branding

  • Celebrity Branding

  • Media Relations / Buying


Being one of the go-to Branding agencies in Chennai, we hold the best contact with media personnel and so a wide coverage is assured.


If you are a start-up in Chennai looking out for a stage to show up yourself, you should reach us. Start-ups who are our clients have achieved great success through our agency.


VigneshSCBose, BusinessAdvisors, Founder,

Vignesh SC Bose

Founder & Managing Director

Being a first-generation entrepreneur at a very young age, the Founder and MD of Bose & xBrandMaker, Vignesh learned as he worked. While everyone had their travel plans, abroad dreams, and post-graduation plans and more, during their late-teens, Vignesh, had much courage to step into a massive field, Branding.

With an experience of over 10 years, he and his team, focus on building multiple platforms for their clients. A good relationship between media and clients strengthens his form the content of strong branding.

DravidSelvam, Actor, YouTube Creator, Ad Director

Dravid Selvam

Creative Director

Well-known for his creative skills & as an Actor, the Creative Director of Bose & xBrandMaker, Dravid, who also has experience of over 5 years in Concept Creation and Video Production. He also plays a crucial role in shaping the careers of his team. He along with his team takes the best care of clients, by way of producing valuable Ads, Script Writing, Ad Concept Designing and maintaining a prolonged and standard partnership, being a backbone for advertising, earning trust from clients and more.

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